Monday, January 27, 2014

Small update

Picked up a kitted DS50 last week from my buddy Matt of the Ruffians out in St. Louis.  He was nice enough to bring it out to me.  He didn't really do anything to it besides ride it around, but he did get it from someone (who will remain nameless) out there who kitted it.  It has a 47mm Metrakit and 19phbg with a giannelli high boy pipe.  I installed Ed's white clutch springs in it this weekend, and while I had the clutch off I noticed that the variator restriction washer was still installed... what the hell! So I took that off and gained 4-5mph.  Rad.

I went out to Baltimore and Richmond for New Years and hung out with BLKBLK east and co, had a great time.  I also bought a super clean Sebring from one of Steve Browns buddies out in PA the week before and had it shipped to me.  So yeah, I have that now too.

Today I traded my Lazer to my buddy Beke.  I took the gila bottom end off and he is getting my Sebring v1 bottom end (stock) to go with it.  He traded me ANOTHER ds50 and some cash... can't wait to rule the world on my ds50's!

I've been working on a puch polini -> v1 spacer and I finally got all the ports cut, the case matched, etc.  I cannibalized the gila bottom end for the crank and assembled the polini bottom end tonight! I don't have pictures because my damn phone died but i'll have some in the next few days to a week.

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